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Thursday 13 February 2014, by Régis Decorme // E3SoHo Service

E3SoHo project was finalized in September 2013, and according to its initial objectives. E3SoHo has developed a holistic service that provides advice on how to reduce energy consumption in social housing, through the design of an ICT solution, the deployment of the ICT solution in the building, the training of the end users (tenants and building owners), and the monitoring of the ICT solution to evaluate the energy savings achieved. Our service can be applied anywhere in Europe. (...) Continue »

E3SoHo Final Report

Wednesday 12 February 2014, by Régis Decorme // Documents

The overall objective of E3SoHo project was to implement and demonstrate in 3 Social Housing pilots an integrated, interoperable and replicable ICT-based solution which aims to bring about a reduction of energy consumption in European social housing, by changing the behaviors of tenants towards energy efficiency without compromising their comfort. This final report describes the main outcomes from the project. E3SoHo Final (...) Continue »

E3SoHo Final Event - Full report

Friday 25 October 2013, by Régis Decorme // Events

The E3SoHo Final European Workshop was held on Wednesday 18th September 2013 in Brussels. Beside the presentation of E3SoHo’s key findings and a comprehensive introduction on current initiatives on ICT for Energy Efficiency (Smart Cities, ICT & Horizon 2020, READY4SmartCities…) the last panel offered the opportunity to the audience (mainly composed by high-level representatives from (...) Continue »

E3SoHo Spanish Workshop

Monday 30 September 2013, by Régis Decorme // Events

The Spanish members of E3SoHo project (Acciona Infraestructuras and Zaragoza Vivienda), with the collaboration of two other E3SoHo partners directly involved in the activities of the pilot site of Zaragoza (ISA and Nobatek), organized a dedicated conference in the city of Zaragoza for presenting the conclusions and lessons learnt in the project, together with the sister ICT PSP projects (...) Continue »

E3SoHo presentation at 3eHouses congress

Monday 12 August 2013, by Régis Decorme // Events

Coinciding with the completion of the 3e-Houses Project, its participants have organized an international Congress related to energy efficiency in buildings and cities, on the 22nd to 23rd of May 2013 in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona. Different European countries (Spain, Germany, Bulgaria and England) have participated in the project, focused on the application of ICT technologies for (...) Continue »

"Watt & moi" - French Trial led by ERDF and Grand Lyon Habitat

Monday 12 August 2013, by Régis Decorme // Press articles

ERDF - Electricité Réseau Distribution France - is experimenting a free web portal service allowing to monitor electricity consumption with more than 1000 tenants of Grand Lyon Habitat. This pilot project is particularly interesting because it relies on Linky, the French smart electricity meter. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has announced in July 2013 the country’s smart electricity (...) Continue »